San Juan Business Park

       A Condominium Ownership Project

  Light Industrial Shops & Warehousing

             Available for Lease or Sale
7 Portage Place, Friday Harbor, WA
                (360) 472-1139


San Juan Business Park offers workspace and storage solutions for unusually large needs.  Each of the warehouses measure 50' x 17', each with a 14' high x 12' wide roll up door, separate man-doors, and separately metered 60 amp electrical service.  We are easily able to handle:

  • Storage of an entire household of furniture until your new home is purchased or construction is completed
  • Staging of building materials scheduled for construction
  • Pre-assembly of construction packages
  • Car storage
  • Consolidation of several storage units into one site
  • "Man Caves"

San Juan Business Park

P.O. Box 755

Friday Harbor, WA 98250

(360) 472-1139

Incredible Value!

Square foot for square foot, there is no better deal for storage anywhere in the county. However, this space isn't just 850 square feet, since the interior of each of the units is 16 feet high.  So you actually get 13,600 cubic feet!

Consider the possibilities of customizing the interior by adding a loft so that a boat can be parked underneath, while you can use the upper level for storage.  What can be done by expanding the electrical wiring from the service panel?